Sensei's Profile

Sensei Steve Armes

 Sensei Steve Armes is the Director and Chief Instructor of Shoshinkan Martial Arts.

Sensei Armes is a 4th Degree Black Belt from the Okinawa Gojuryu Kenshi Kai Karatedo Kobudo Association, as well as possessing a Sei-Shihan (Chief Instructor) Certification.

He began his karate training in 1996. In early 2011, he undertook the founding of Shoshinkan Martial Arts. Sensei Steve has had the opportunity to train & teach internationally, as well as host seminars with some of the finest martial arts masters in the world.

 A dedicated student of the martial arts, in addition to Goju Ryu karate, he studies traditional Okinawan Kobudo (weaponry). He firmly believes in the concept of "Bun Bu Ryo Do" ... the way of the sword and the pen together ... and of the incredible benefits of martial arts training & study for students of all ages!